Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a ChairJam?

ChairJam is a Game Jam / Hardware Hackathon for creating entertainment experiences with wheelchairs. 

We are aiming to share the value of co-design experiences that can help participants explore the expressiveness of  contemporary mobility devices.


2. When and where is ChairJam?

ChairJam is going to take place on Oct 18, 19, and 20 at 407 South Craig Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213.


3. Who can participate in ChairJam?

We are a co-design project connecting wheelchair-using and able-bodied participants. Some participants will have expertise from aspects such as game design & development, fashion & visual design, disability advocacy, etc.


4. What will happen during this event?

After a short introduction and some warm-up design exercises, participants will form teams with other participants to work on their concepts, building toward prototypes and project presentations at the end of the final day. 


5. What kind of tools and hardware are provided by ChairJam?

Laser cutter, 3D printer, and woodshop facilities are available with the help of HCII staff.  For electronics hardware, we will provide Arduino and other physical computing supplies.


6. What should I bring with me?

We will greatly appreciate if participants can bring their own laptop, with their specialized software if necessary.


7. Other important dates and deadlines for ChairJam

The application process closed a week before the event on Oct 10.


8. How can I get there?

Our venue is quite close to public transport (61ABCD, 67, 69, etc.). More information about Paratransit is on our Access Page.


9. How do I park my car?

There are lots of street parking around our venue. Also, East garage (which is 0.5 mile distance from our Venue) is also a choice for you.


10. Do you offer food during ChairJam?

Sure. Lunch (including special menus) and snacks are provided for all participants. If you have any dietary restrictions, please tell us in advance.


11. If I'm a wheelchair user, am I eligible for a stipend?

Yes. All wheelchair users would receive $15/hour for your experience and expertise.


12. Social media information and how to contact us

Check our social media to see the latest updates: Twitter.

If you have any questions, feel free to send email to

13. Do I own everything I create at ChairJam?

ChairJam is dedicated to making experiences that can be enjoyed by everyone. Everything made at ChairJam will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike agreement. This means that all creations are free for public use and derivation, so long as the original creator is credited and the resulting works are also shared under the same agreement.


14. Liability, Legal and Privacy policies 

Liability, legal, and media release forms will be made available to participants before the jam begins and can be signed and returned on the first day.